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When viewing the pictures you can click on the picture and make the size get larger then click again to decrease the size. Use whichever size you prefer.
When viewing these pictures I ask that you please add any comments you may have by clicking on the "Add Comment" link in the left side of the screen. I would like to know the names, dates and locations for all of the pictures, so if you know any of this please add this information.

The Photo Galleries are currently divided into 3 seperate Albums each containing different albums of pictures.

  • The first Album is Hanrahan family Pictures. This Album has 4 sub albums:
    • Genealogy Pictures Pre 1960: This album contains family pictures from mostly prior to the 1960's with most of them taken before the 1940's. There are currently 12 albums in this section and they are listed by the name of the person from whom I obtained those pictures.
    • Wedding Pictures: This album contains pictures of various weddings. Each wedding has it's own album. The first album contains pictures of older weddings where there are just a picture of the wedding party or the bride and groom. The other albums are arranged in the order they occured.
    • Genealogy pictures from the late 1950's and afterwards: This album will contain more recent pictures. Currently I do not have any pictures placed in this area but I have a lot of pictures that I will be adding to it as I get time.
    • Genealogy Records: This album will contain pictures of actual records and newspaper articles that I have found during my research or have been given to me by others.
  • The second Album is Personal pictures taken recently. This album contains pictures taken more recently and will contain all new pictures that I take. Each sub album in this section is arranged and named by the date the pictures were taken. These pictures will include both family events and everyday personal pictures that I have taken. This album will most likely be updated the most.
  • The last Album is the Coats family pictures. I will be adding all of my pictures from my mothers side of the family in this area as I get time.


You can save any of the pictures in the galleries by right clicking and saving it. If you want a higher quality picture for printing just let me know.

If you have any pictures you would like to have included in this area please let me know. I now am able to go right to your home and copy any pictures you may have while you are there and I do not need to remove any pictures from your house. If you know of someone who might have pictures of the family please let me know and I will contact them and see if they have any they would like to share.

Once I get all (or as many as I can) the names, dates and places I will be making DVD's of all the pictures and giving anyone who wants one a copy. I will make the first version of this DVD in June of 2008 using whatever information I have at that time.

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